Mike Bevel (britadventuress) wrote,
Mike Bevel

Today's Adventure: Frederic Bourdin

Since I'm on this Wilkie Collins kick (expect one more entry, tomorrow, about Man & Wife), I thought I'd also direct you to this amazing story in the August 11 & 18 issue of The New Yorker: Annals of Crime: The Chameleon. It's a modern day Sensation Novel plot, set today, with an awesome stop (for the briefest of moments) at a margarine factory.

Here's a quick excerpt, to whet your appetite and get you clicking on that link:

When the police arrived, Chadourne sent the assistant principal to summon Francisco from class. As Francisco entered Chadourne’s office, the police seized him and thrust him against the wall, causing her to panic: what if he really was an abused orphan? Then, while handcuffing Bourdin, the police removed his baseball cap. There were no scars on his head; rather, he was going bald. “I want a lawyer,” he said, his voice suddenly dropping to that of a man.

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